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Friday, November 20, 2015

C is for Combat Soldiers

I can't remember if this has been on the Blog or not? I took the shot back in '07 or '08, so if it hasn't it's high time it did! Rather crappy photograph I'm afraid, I was still getting to grips with flash and the macro settings, but rather crappy figures, so: ...

...the earlier 60-mils from Marx, two gunner/loaders but no gun and two guys doing PT with a grenade, but I always quite liked the squatting/sitting firer, a very decent bit of sculpting - the chap with a rifle that is; the bazooka-man's going over backwards any second now!


Ed and Bettina Berg said...

I always liked the older Marx sculpts, but then, those are the ones I remember growing up with. Nice set BTW.

Hugh Walter said...

Sadly not mine Ed, photographed this from the stock when I worked for a dealer quite a few years ago now! Wish I'd taken more photographs, but I was usually busy sorting stuff out or preparing for a show. I once spent two weeks putting mounted 'Swoppet' Indians together, managed to get about 85 passable examples...took them to Herne on the Saturday and one chap bought the whole tray before they went out on the stall!


PS - reminds me - I DID photograph them...I'll dig the images out, there's a post there!