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Wednesday, November 4, 2015

News, Views, Etc...Pages

So, after yesterdays suggestion I have put all the Jig Toy / Puzzle Key Ring posts together on one page (see above for all pages), and will add to it from time to time. I've edited it to make it flow smoother and excised both a few duplications of my monosyllabic blurb and some errors/contradictions. I won't edit the originals which remain as a product of the time they were published. I also moved a few things around a bit and included the CIJ tractor and the - possibly - Fairylite battleship.

A few weeks ago I did the same thing with the Hong Kong Small Scale Khaki Infantry posts I rather lost interest in, and while some of you have found it, most haven't because I didn't announce it...creatures of habit - Humans! Again it's been edited, I've added the next section (it's still only about a 1/4 or a 1/3 complete) and I've added some bagged/carded sets and additions to the previously published sections.

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