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Tuesday, November 3, 2015

R is for Return...to Corgi

Quick follow-up post with a few bits that have either come in, been added to or been identified since I did my Corgi round-up a year or two ago. The chap who posted the negativity about those posts elsewhere on the Wibbly Wobbly Way ( (c) JGW, 1990-something!) was offered the chance to prove his point/contribute but has not taken up the offer, hey-ho, plenty of gobshites in the hobby; I'm probably considered one myself!

This nondescript Hong Kong looking thing has been in the 'Unknown' box for the longest time and is a Corgi issue, from the Chevrolet 'Impala' Kennel Wagon (No, 486), and came with a copy of the Poodle from the circus, a duplicate of the policeman's Alsatian and the little seated grey and white thing we looked at last time.

I mentioned when we looked at the Circus animals that the vinyl elephant was also issued as a styrene kit, and here (on the left/above in all shots) is the factory assembled version, issued with those vehicles that had previously contained the vinyl one.

You can see from the bird's eye view that he is thinner but otherwise pretty much the same, it would seem that in order to prepare a new tool for the polystyrene moulding, they simply cut the old vinyl one down the centre-line, leaving him with a dieted girth and the requirement of new/re-cut trunk and tail! The hollow one also has a loss of detail to skin-folds etc...another sign of copying.

Speaking of kits: George Nixon kindly identified these for us in Plastic Warrior magazine's Issue 159. They come from Set 610; Police and GPO Telephone Boxes (yes - another 'Tardis' to find!), and have been bugging me for years - I thought they were from car kits, but apart from Airfix's 1:32 scale kits, I couldn't think who might have included a British Bobby!

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