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Tuesday, November 3, 2015

R is for Return...to Jig Toys

Although they are easier to search for on evilBay as Puzzle Keychains (or Key Chains, sellers have learnt to use both in the title-bar alongside one another), we in the UK also know them as Jig Toys from the Kellogg's issues and that's how I have listed/tagged them over the years.

These have turned-up since I last blogged them (I'll probably gather all the posts together in one page as I did with the HK 'khaki infantry' the other day, so it's all in one place), the ball in one of several geometric shape puzzles you can find out there while the other two are not really puzzles, being more 'clip-together' stacks of parts with a single key-part.

The ferry boat comes in two sizes, I think we've looked at the smaller version before, this is the larger one, same number of parts and same method of construction.

The actual trigger for this post...how fun is this? It's small, looks nothing like a monster, or a dinosaur, and has no puzzle. The capsule is clearly aimed at the Christmas Stocking market, as it's disguised as a tangerine! They also come in Christmas crackers at the budget end of the market.

I took it off the runner and made it up, sacrilege - I know - but having discussed 'Canon' elsewhere today and pointed out that I'm not an atheist because there's no words for people who don't believe in Pixies, Faeries, Zombies or the Flying Spaghetti Monster I feel a bit of sacrilege is a good thing; helping keep religious fantasists in their place...and it's a mass-produced, ephemeral piece of plastic shite, of which I'm sure another will turn-up!

I think all the above are Hong Kong in origin, but the train might be a British original? The 'monster' and the locomotive are soft ethylene, while the other two are hard styrene.

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