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Wednesday, November 4, 2015

S is for Something...


How lovely are these? Red Indians on a horn? Although; one of them's a Green Indian and all of them are First Nation Native Americans! They seem to be - in part - based on an old Elastolin composition prone pose, with the rock (he's resting against in the originals) and base removed and the rifle truncated for packing and shipping as carded items. 40-mil give or take, Hong Kong, polyethylene.

...Something New...

Nasty, a kind of pre-formed synthetic/silicon-rubber case or shell [skin!], filled with beads in a gel, so that rather than flopping about like a bean-bag toy, they are stretchy, yet firm. If you have ever gutted and dressed well-fed game-birds, handling this is like handling a pheasants full crop...nasty!

God knows who thought this up, but to be fair, the actual sculpt is very good, a Northern White rhino, I think, and it came from either The Works or Tiger - I can't remember, but is was 50p or a pound? And there were other animals. About 1:24/25th scale? And it does hold its shape, or - at least - return to it.

...Something Borrowed...

Apropos an eMail conversation on the small scale Roman's page, Tim Peterson sent me this scan of the Marx Romans from the old 60mm polystyrene Warriors of the World series, but a later re-issue (Marksmen?) version unpainted in black ethylene plastic. Good job he did too, I only have three of these (standard, waving sword and whip-man) and they are in storage (and two of them are leary-coloured re-issues), so it would have been a few years before this box was ticked!

...Something Blue...

Believed to be Argentinian, this large, polyethylene, 6 to 7-inch (I forgot to measure it) figure of the Lone Ranger has articulation at the waist and shoulders.

And if you're wondering what a rhyme about wedding dresses has to do with a toy blog...I won the ring in the Barmbrack on Saturday night, so I've got 11 months and 27 days to get married! Applications on a postcard; must love tolerate piles of old toys, my PA will be doing the initial interog...er...interviews!

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