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Sunday, December 20, 2015

A is for "Are We Nearly There Yet?"

Yes! Knowing that some of the stuff in this run-up to Christmas was really kak-caca and shity-shite from Tatty-tat Tattington, I tried to break the vehicles, figures and animals up into packages, to intersperse with the less interesting bits and bobs and tonight we reach the end of the automotive road as it where; with the last of the cars.

These are the 'mini's as opposed to the 'micro's and are a right old mix...as with the lorries there are more to look at another day, so just a brief flypast tonight. The green one is a common Hong Kong copy of the MPC Minis car, and I suspect the two open tops are as well?

The Citroen is marked 'France', and the other red one seems to go with the mini-truck fire-engines...it has the same wheels! We'll look at them all again!

Front is probably Blue Box, a hard polystyrene copy of Matchbox while the VW Beetle Coupé is early Manurba I think, one missing it's chassis and wheels may be a latter one by the same company or something completely different?

The red ones are three of ten from Kellogg's Cornflakes, issued in 1958, they were all British Motor Corporation (BMC) the post amalgamation, state-owned concern that would would become the dreaded British Leyland (BL), and ultimately the Rover Group. Full Set here. These are an MGA at the back, with a Morris Oxford and Austin Healey sports car.

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