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Thursday, December 10, 2015

B is for Ball Games

A box of Christmas crackers without a ball are rubbish! That's why posh ones with useful prizes are crap! You have to have a ball for one of the adults to tread-on while carrying the goose to the table, or the gravy!

Footballs and a rugby ball, very useful for when you lose you Subbuteo balls, the small white one is a hard but hollow polystyrene, in two halves, the red one at the top os a solid lump of styrene and would guarantee flying gravy, the others are blow-moulds.

Keepy-upee with the power of air and the scoring-bat can keep party-people (little party-people) happy for a while, but this one has a hollow insulating liner as it's stricg which is too stiff to work properly! These are larger bits of shite and come in Lucky Bags or as bulk packs of party favours.

Bouncy balls, given the number that have gone through my hands since 1964 this is a pretty poor image really, but these are earlier ones and the mini one is new to me.

The black one is made of a peculiar material called Zectron (similar in feel/look to a vulcanised rubber), it's a Mini Super-Ball by Wham-O, and if you squeeze it, you find it's full of cracks and creaks like an old ship, but seems to retain its integrity?

Mini roulette wheels, that's it that is; mini roulette wheels. The line's not long enough to make a paragraph...did I say they were roulette wheels, that are miniaturised AND some of them've got charm loops...that'll do!

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