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Saturday, December 12, 2015

B is for Bogus Body Bits

From the joke dept. Fake lips, lost teeth, eye patches, nails through figers, even - at larger sizes - arrows through heads! Kids love these, adults pretend to be taken in, expressing levels of suprise that do them credit since they've been expecting the trick since it flew from the cracker a houre or two ago!

A slesction of Novelty trick body parts and injuies from Christmas crackers, joke shops and gum-ball capsule toy machines including a mask and Fake Novelty Body Parts Fingers Eyes Eye-Patches Mustache Teeth Fangs Bloody Nail Claws
Hillbilly teeth and vampire fangs join the solo dentoids (spell-check says; you made that word up), 'witches fingers' and moustaches were another favourite, the clips too small for adults - who were nonetheless made to try them!

We actually had that cat-mask (in black) as kids, it hung around for years, each time it appeared it was missing another whisker!

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