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Friday, December 11, 2015

G is for Ghoulish Gothic Gizmos

Skulls and skeletons are great favourites in the world of cheap plastic tat and while you can see it being a Halloween thing, why would anyone imagine you'd want one in a Christmas cracker? But imagine that they do, and act on it...a budget set of 12 crackers will inevitably contain one of these...

...one is dressed-up as a knot puzzle, but basically they are models of flesh-stripped bodies/body parts!

 More Here at Moonbase.

Their most useful job was to decorate my 'Greebo' cut-off as a teenager! It's not clear, but there are three heads on the left pocket-button including one with flourescent orange eyes and a metallic blue one, with another one on the right, he has green 'jewelled' eyes!

[Harley-D and Honda...on the same denim!]

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