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Saturday, December 12, 2015

K is for Key: Ring, Chain, Fob

I have a load of these in my storage unit in Basingrad, and more de-looped in the various 'unknown' boxes, both here and in storage, so these are pretty much what came in the the recent purchase, a small sample but they give a flavour of what has been available...

...in Gum ball dispensers, Christmas crackers and as carded rack toys of the 'take one' point-of-sale type. The fish I remember from my childhood, they came in silver as well, and in several sizes, my mother had a huge silver neff one, I'll see if she's still got it, that would make a nice post.

The rubber foot is total shite: tuppence worth of material with no practical or play-value at all? The beer stein is really a charm and too small for a key-ring, you'd feel disappointed by that, while the tin football also came printed as a map globe, basket-ball, tennis ball etc...

Figural chains include all the favourites; elephants and dogs here. A pair of poodles, how nasty! The plastic rings are not practical, but the metal ones are usually to 'shop' quality.

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