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Monday, December 7, 2015

M is for More Motorcycles...

...also; Again! (I think?)

These are mostly non-Hong Kong in origin, but there are some: The steel-blue scooter is an HK copy of one from the old Matchbox 1-75 range (except it was 1-50 during the period when the scooter was part of the range I believe), in which guise (die-cast) it was equipped with a side-car. While the pile of three are also HK; I'm not happy about the rider, he came on the green one but wouldn't sit right, however he seems more comfortable on the blue one, so may well 'go' with them. The answer may lie in the stored collection?

The rest are - or seem to be - Kinder, with the definite exception of the scooter and side-car with passengers which is a Spanish kiosk Sobre, but I'm not sure it's a Montaplex one, so maybe one of the lesser brands?

The yellow one came in a Kinder capsule, but seems a bit crude for Kinder? It could be an early one. The blue one has spikes on the wheels (which helped in stand-up on the counterpane) so seems to be missing a stand or base of some kind? The red and black racer is hard plastic and missing a screen or bar or something on the side-car.

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