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Monday, December 7, 2015

M is for Motorcycles...

...again? I think we've had that heading before! Lots of these in storage so we will return to them yet, but for now, mostly from the bargain bags...

...all Hong Kong and most being budget Christmas Cracker 'standards'. The two exceptions being the green one on the far right (solid wheel/body moulding and plug-on handle-bars) which seems to be a copy of the Monogram/Revell/SNAP/UPC (et al.) kit figure's dispatch machine, so probably belongs to a set of the Hong Kong copies of the same. The other with working wheels and plug-on handle-bars and seat is a nicer model all together, no idea of origin, and assuming home-paint?

The big ones at the top are suitable for 54mm figures, with 30mm and 20-mil being catered for by the other two sizes. There are three types of the medium size, the gold one - which is quite a well detailed 'British V-twin' (I think I can hear my brother reporting?) - with large (two to the left)  and small (three to the right) head-light versions of the later copies above it.

Likewise the small ones have three variations, the soft plastic blue one is crude and current in the small 'tree-crackers', while the brown one has been equipped with a 'charm loop' (we'll be seeing lots of them - in the next few weeks!) and the pale green one has a spot of paint on his helmet which seems bad enough to be 'factory'! The later two are styrene with different bar arrangements on the wheels.

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