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Wednesday, December 9, 2015

P is for Pooch!

I've got tons of these somewhere, we looked at a few - rather fuzzily - here, but this lot has accumulated recently with mixed bags in May and the vending novelty purchase...

...Poodles and Scots/Highland Terriers always dominate these lots, with crude copies of old food premiums coming second. I think it's (Highland Terrier thing) down to the original (and much higher quality) gifts associated with whiskey brands, they were in glass, wood, ivory, Bakelite or 'ivorene' and we will look at them another day, along with the similar cats.

Lots of them are fitted with charm loops, some finding their way to the thin-end of a key-ring/key-chain. The two big blow-moulds will be infant or beach toys I suspect, rather that capsule toys or Cracker novelties, and speaking of 'crackers'; another source for these cheap plastic bubo's is the American food brand Cracker Jack, and the brown flat to the top right is from them I believe, and possibly the white one above him?

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