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Tuesday, December 15, 2015

R is for Rings

Another lot to be quickly moved over! Actually in their attempts to render the contents of the vending machines of crackers 'unisex', there are some 'masculine' subjects among these, but really this is another corner of the novelty kak universe aimed at the fairer sex.

These were photographed for posterity with the capsule they came with - a time wasting exercise in the main, as the research I've done over the last few weeks would suggest that novelty and capsule are often brought together by wholesaler, sometimes by supplier and there is no firm relationship between the two...however the two top right are 'container specific'.

A decent enough sample, heavy steel rings (with age) at the far left (one, tray like, filled with green glass/enamel), down to a small piece of day-glo tat bottom right. In between there are styrene and ethylene plastics, lightweight aluminium alloys, tin-plate, a lenticular picture-changer, and a couple of daft animal rings (both damaged) along with a pencil-top fruit knock-off!

A close-up of the container specific rings with their locking mechanism, the outer curve of the ring sitting in the slots of a single-piece 'capsule' until prised-out by a fingernail.

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