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Sunday, December 20, 2015

S is for Stationery

I fear we've had that title before, hey-ho!. Small sample here today, if only because the various elements of stationery-related stuff gets sorted into other areas of the collection, and are mostly in storage.

Nevertheless - there are a few interesting items in this little lot, the carded rubber pencil, small enough for the cavity of a Christmas cracker, the early Gameboy style electronic game with lenticular artwork (which is almost as effective as the graphics in those early games!), the cassette-tape and record player erasers are also rather good, but both are marked Japan, not Hong Kong, which makes all the difference for the era we're looking at here.

I don't really get the key/pen/Biro, but then given some of the novelty pens we got in our Christmas stockings: it's par for the course! The T-shirt eraser is in a very fine rendition of an Ariel box, which would go well in a dolls house and raises the problem of do you 'file' it with the erasers, or the Ariel premiums, or the bag of doll-sized bits!

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