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Thursday, December 17, 2015

T is for Tossing Tossers!

Found the Jacks! And a few more came in, more of a cracker thing, but they are in larger capsule machines and were always one of the items in the pocket-money bins...

...like the ones in the long tube to the right here. The chrome silver loner may well become the new radar-gizmo on the X-30 Spaceship I was pondering on mending a while ago.

The clay ones came from a little gift shop in Saffron Walden 40-odd years ago and while washed-out by the flash, are nice pastel ice-cream shades, while the wooden one my be a building block or game-playing piece, not a jack at all?

Ring toss and tiddlywinks, classic Christmas cracker fare, the tiddlywinks doubling-up as counters for the paper board games sometimes found in the same sets. Some ring-tossers are scale-downs of garden quoits, the others are enclosed dexterity puzzles.

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