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Thursday, January 21, 2016

F is for Follow-up - Charms

So....I'm opperating out of the libray for a week or two, so no spellchecker (or caps checker!), and while I'm loading lots of articles I'm waiting until I can edit them properly befor I publish, so 30-odd to come, but likely to be the second half of February!

When I popped-in to see Paul (of Plastic Warrior) before Christmas he thrust a bag of bits at me, and a few of them came just a day or two late for the charms post i did in the fluffy, plastic, tat run-up th Christmas! So here is an up-date/addtion to that post.

From the same source as each other but different subjects/scales, these figures seem to be based quite recent and turn-up on evilBay quite a bit, there were some yellow dancers on these last week!. The bandsmen seem to be based on old composition figures?

Added 21-08-2016 Cake Decoration versions now here

The same sculpts as last time but different colours, it would seem they were issued probably as a set of six, with six unrelated items in a set of 12 crackers?

I'm building quite a fleet of these now! A couple of them were in Pauls bag, and I dug mine out for the mass 'Dunkirque' effect! And to make myself realise that the one with a blue clothes-tag looking thing has - in fact - got a clothes-tag looking thing, not some weird simplified boatman!
Cheers Paul!


Jan Ferris said...

I believe that any flotilla of ships are charming. Perhaps these could be used in a swashbuckling war game of some sort.

Brian Carrick said...

Hi Hugh, the bandsmen and natives/Indians remind me of the semi flat homecast figures from the Gebr Schneider moulds.

Happy New Year, Brian

Hugh Walter said...

Jan - They are between 10 and 15mil for wargames purposes,,,so it's doable...but it took 40-odd years to pick these up in ones and twos!

Brian - Yes...that makes sence as they are 'semi'flat'...I might have a few in storage lumps of rounded-off dark grey lead with very little paint left! Give us an excuse to return to them!

Happy New Year to you...both, too!


Hugh Walter said...

Still no spell-check!