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Thursday, February 18, 2016

S is for Spacemen...by Thomas/Poplar

So, yesterday turned into a bit of a small-scale fest', I think to redress the balance we'd better go big, and there's nowhere bigger than space! It'll be a bit of a box ticking exercise as all this stuff has been blogged elsewhere, website'ed the heck out of and covered in Plastic Warrior magazine years - if not decades - ago, so there's not much point in my pontificating, when it's all known stuff!

The shots are a ragged mix of bits I've been squirrelling away in a Picasa folder for about 6 years, gathered together by company.

Thomas Toys (UK); ethylene and Poplar; PVC,  are the chaps behind these fine fellows, except the polyethylene alien dwarf with the base, he's a cheeky copy by some unethical pirate types! We looked at two of their ships a couple of days ago.

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