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Thursday, February 11, 2016

B is for Blue Box Alien and other Bollocks!

I hate Disney....have I ever said I hate Disney? Well, I hate Disney! Mawkish sentimentality, everything will be alright in the end, happy ever after, a mouse that's clearly been kicked in the nuts, school-yard joke level, simplistic characters, ruined stories that were relatively unchanged for generations before Walt got his hands on them...I hate Disney! I also hate Disney because they make sorting unknown (and known) licensed products a nightmare, they don't make their own toys, but do buy-in contract manufacture, and issue licenses.

In the early days they used to issue licenses which were so controlled they licensed the pose as well as the character so you end-up with 30mm ice-cream premiums in Portugal having the same pose as 70mm toys in the 'States or coming out of Swansea...nightmare! But these are more modern, carried by the Disney Stores back in the 1990-2000's and were manufactured by and marked to Blue Box.

Can't remember the name of this play set, I picked it up at a car-boot sale about 15 years ago, near-new. It may be in storage, but I think it went to recycling with just the figures retained. Lovely, big, red, Cyclopean, PVC lump of alien that will go with most scales and five dumb animals, already dated by the handsets they're carrying ('selfies' before the word had been coined?), did I say I hate Disney...

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