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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

C is for Command...'Star Wars' Command, IV - Larger Sets

So to the other medium sized sets; These give you several vehicles or spaceships, most similar to Galoob's in size and material, but undecorated. Along with them you get 10 figures, some duplicates, some 'unique' and a couple of simply decorated 'character' figures.

They have weird push-and-go stands which went straight in the recycling bin...or at least the first two did...then I realised I might be able to do something with them in the future, and the rest went in  the 'spares' box!

Ships and box-art from Death Star Strike, the vinyl wings are a bit bendy and hot water will be applied at some point! The 'action-play' artwork is a bit lame, and hints at a laboured, late addition to the line's concept? Maybe they would have had more success just selling them as figure sets - in buckets/tubs; sometimes honesty can pay-off!

A couple of the boxes and the poster art for the three sets, I didn't get the Epic Assault as it seems to be entirely made-up of duplicates. I think another of the problems with these sets is the amount of duplication, even the painted figures which are described as 'Exclusive' (while sometimes slightly different sculpts...or more likely just separate mould cavities) are often just common/other figure poses with a bit of paint!

Which is not to say that similar toy soldiers by Marx or Airfix didn't have the same levels of duplication, they did, often worse...how many Tim Mee bazooka-men did you need in a bag? How many Airfix Paratroopers shooting their mates in the trees! But these are different times, and I think investment in greater pose variety at the start would have had better returns over time.

Next; the biggest play sets..or play-set, I only got one!


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