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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

C is for Command...'Star Wars' Command, V - Big Boys

Two bigger sets were available, I only got one, the other wasn't worth the effort, being a sub-scale Star Destroyer and what looked to be mostly duplicate figures, and not many of them! Also the only one I saw hadn't been reduced...that's a big chunk of ABS or Polypropylene and must owe Hasbro a shed-load of money!

But the Millennium Falcon gave-up a nice selection of Hoth based figures, two mini-vehicles of vague compatibility with Galoob stuff (MM's or Action Fleet) and the larger Millennium Falcon which I kept as a better scaled model for Galoob's figures.

Big box and poster images, it's a shame this series is reported to be dying a death and it's not that they didn't promote it well, they did, but like the recent Horrible History figures, one feels they should have stuck with it for a couple of 'seasons' to see if it would grow. Especially with the new movies on the way...but these companies are all run like banks or charities or outsourced utilities or private hospitals now...Thatcherite-Raganomic money men rule the decision-making process, not toy men!

Box art...I've been trying to track down the 54mm green Star Wars knock-offs from about 8/10 years ago, when I do I'll compare and contrast. That's what I like best about these sets...'Army Men' colours!

That's it.

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