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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

C is for Command...'Star Wars' Command, II - Small Figure Packs

The entry-level sets are these little carded figure packs, there were only three in the stores I was visiting and on the poster-catalogue, however there was a set of clone-war based figures which is commonly available on feebleBay and some larger Jabba's Palace sets leaked-out as clearance in the Autumn, no doubt they will turn up in numbers somewhere in a year or so like the second series Horrible Histories did.

Packs and poster images, these are 'army builder' sets with typically 2x4 poses and one painted 'unique' pose. Annoyingly, unlike Galoob the two Royal Guards are identical, when they are supposed to be left-handed and right-handed to cover The Emperor equally effectively from both sides...or so I'm told..it's fecking MAKE-BELIEVE!


Close-ups of a few of the figures. You can see three treatments of the Stormtrooper's base, with a smooth version, marked version and over-printed code version, I don't think there's much of significance there, but know only too well how it will be an excuse for some collectors to seek-out the variations...I do it myself with other stuff...Whhhell...I photographed them...I guess I'm already doing it with this stuff!

Next...medium sets

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