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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

C is for Command...'Star Wars' Command, III - Medium Sets

I got myself a bit confused sorting these out and because I took the images over many months and obtained the play-sets in an odd order, it all went a bit pear-shaped in the editing, I thought one of these actually belongs in the next part, with it's poster art, but contents wise (using my title headings) these 'medium' and the 'larger sets' have comparable contents, and I'd not obtained the other set for reasons of duplication!

The only differences between these and the next post are that there are no push-and-go 'beetles' in these three sets, instead there are stands of one type or another and while they have the same 10 figures they are two or three vehicles/ships less, in total, per set.

A few figure-shots from these sets; there are subtle differences between some of the painted figures and their unpainted counterparts, but no greater than that between the Character Options mini Cybermen, and I think it's down to laziness at the pattern makers!

As with most of the vehicles in these sets, they have more in common with Galoob Micro-machines and/or Action Fleet, and like Galoob's tend to being out of scale with the figures they accompany...however, mixing and matching some Star Wars Command vehicles and star-fighters with Galoob figures may go some way to getting better ranges of one?

Boxes and poster art, these were probably the best value sets when they were released and were definitely the best value when the clearance prices came in, in the second half of last year, being between five and eight quid each.

Next...larger sets

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