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Friday, February 19, 2016

F is for Follow-up - Deadstone Valley

Well...what can I say...I'm a  weak man...they reappeared at Christmas and were discounted to 67p each a few weeks ago (I got you one for the stash, as well Ed), so I couldn't refuse and now have a worryingly large sample of these - for less than a tenner, all-in, over many months! They are horrid though!

Their stockist (99p Stores) has now gone, and been replaced by it's buyer; Poundland, so it remains to be seen where the remaining stock will turn-up, but I'm guessing Poundland will carry them themselves at some point, they've both been carrying the same vape-juice for a couple of months now, so I'd imagine the bulk of the 99p exclusives will be returned to the warehouse, sorted into usable stock bundles and sent back out to selected Poundland's, but some of it will be off-loaded to clearance wholesalers, so worth looking out for it in a discount-store near you!

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