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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

H is for Hierloom

Well....it's not a toy soldier! It's not a toy or model figure, not a military vehicle, space ship or farm or zoo animal, it's not a woodland creature, an alien or a Little Rubber Guy so what the fuck's it doing here...

...this is a family heirloom, it came over from Southern Germany with the immigrants I call great, great grandparents and is still with us. Recently given its bi-decade soaking with linseed oil, its smelling a bit fishy, but will be there for another generation. Hand-made (probably by Great Great Granddad!) it has a commercially procured cat's bell inside the 'cage' and we used to love rolling it about when we were toddlers!

Luckily, I don't live in the same country as Donald trump so I won't have to pay for a wall round myself, but I do have an inadequate, insular, intolerant, small-c conservative (and big-C!), rancid little-englander of a cockwomble for a Prime Minister, so have to regard this artefact as evidence of my probably not quite yet 'belonging' to the village...although Donald would have to say that of everyone - not on the reservations - in his country if he was honest!

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