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Friday, February 12, 2016

L is for Left Hand Miniatures

I don't often win something, indeed I think I've only ever won a few club raffle prizes, and the magazine letter thing I mentioned here, back at the start of the blog, but I can add a win to the total!

There was a 'Name the new figures' competition (the pictures were of the 'greens' and have been taken down now) flagged-up on one of the war gaming forums a while ago and I fired off a few ideas in the heat of the moment and forgot all about it, then last week I got an eMail from Graydon Gorby of Left Hand Miniatures informing me I had had a choice selected and - further - had won a set of the figures!

Three days later and a US Postal Service jumbo-jet into terminal 4 LHW...the figures were mine! And rather nice they are too...I'll have to try painting them, even if I only paint the one I named. I'd love to do more painting, but time and the Devil wait for no man!

So, these are they...(my suggestions in brackets)

LCHB001. - Deadeye Davina (Limilla)
LCHB002. - Haleloke (Fancy Nancy)
LCHB003. - Uma Caulder (Sierra Solo)
LCHB004. - Empress Leonesse & 'Sanura' (Gloria Regina; I forgot to name the Lion!)
LCHB005. - Holly Go Heavily Armed

Davina and Uma would would make a brilliant pair of pirates in a role-playing game of the type, or the girls make a nice eclectic gang as a group...no men! More here.

Holly go Heavily Armed! Tank-girl with 'big hair'! I posed her on Garratt's encyclopaedia because he had such a poor opinion of fantasy and sci-fi miniatures I thought a bit of karma was called for! I'm not sure what she's holding, but I know I wouldn't want to be down-range of it...a repeater fleshette-grenade pistol I think!

Empress Leonesse & 'Sanura' is a rather nice sculpt (they all are!), bringing to mind the eponymous 'She' condemning chains of captured enemies to the fiery-grave of a volcanic flume...alive! You don't mess with someone who controls a Lion...

Two of the figures come with a little spruelette of parts, Japanese swords in Uma's case, a selection of pony-tails for  Haleloke...nice figures, check them out...I'm a winner...thank you Gordon!

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