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Monday, February 15, 2016

M is for Massive Mounties

This post includes a few shots from ebay, for research purposes, cropped and manipulated, in order to show the full range of these figures, along with some Adrian at Macator Trading let me photograph and my own damaged sample...

Reliable of Canada; 'Mounties'! Obviously their Tourist draw like our Guards, and therefore plenty of keepsakes available including the Britains figures (and others) repackaged. This is about as big as they get (although I'm sure larger statuettes have been produced at some point by someone?).

I suspect the gold lanyards are the earlier versions and note that one is site-specific to Fort Erie...again I imagine there are others out there?

Close-ups of the various base treatments, the yellow RCMP being glued on. The gold lanyard versions are also the ones with the cursive logo while the [later?] other ones have an engineers stamped marking.

Just remember - before investing - other 6" figures are available! Don't know who is responsible for the left-hand figure...is it a HK (or other) piracy of the Airfix kit? That lance looks familiar, as do the glued-on gloves, but he's clearly in pink (sun-faded red) polystyrene under the paint.

The Alymer premium/counter-top advertising/display model has the best face and seems to be drawing his 'piece' (do Canadians say that?) to exersie restraint on a ne'er-do-well! And while he has a 'brand', I suspect someone else made him and I don't know who either.

I should add that Reliable did a nice Indian alongside the Mountie, who is as common and comes in as many varieties...we'll look at him another time maybe...when I've bought a couple! I should also add these are all factory-painted hard styrene hollow 'kit' mouldings.

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