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Sunday, February 21, 2016

News, Views Etc...New Page

I have posted a new page:

Dancing Dolls

It has taken 18 months to research and collate (on and off) and four or five weeks to unload, finish and edit, so I hope you enjoy it...understanding - of course - that most toy soldier fans couldn't give a feckin' heel for small plastic 'dolls'!

I will add the four companies histories to the A-Z pages tomorrow and add the links here and to the DD page when I've done so.

Two day later....Needless to say I didn't get that done yesterday and Vodafone (the Prince of Internet Darkness) have decided I'm library bound again! I have got a Van Brode draft up though, and a Clinton Mfg. cross-ref., so it's slowly hapening!

Commonwealth on the A-Z
Sanitarium on the A-Z
Van Brode on the A-Z

All done!


Paul Foster said...


More wee army men please ;)

Hugh Walter said...

Is that the 'heel and feck' song I hear from your neck of the woods Paul!


Hugh Walter said...

PS - stuck up the library Paul, so can't do MMM (some machines won't load 'dynamic' at all!), but would through the Fujimi Hetzer into the mix as one which didn't fit together very well, the Airfix 234 for it's hideous wheel-arches (actually I never really understood the wheels on the Matchbox puma either) and the Bloodhound...which only went togther well after either Einstein had translated the insructions for you, or it was your third attempt! After which it's quite a nice kit!

I know some people hate the Airfix Churchill, but they're just impatient...it goes together well with effort...and patience!


Paul Foster said...

Fair comments Hugh. Those wheels on the Puma really an be a cad alright.

Nice one

Hugh Walter said...

I've never tried it, but I wonder if useing the Afx wheels on the M'box Puma might be the best of both worlds? Their decks are perfectly interchangeable as I've put the A deck on the M kit with an Esci gun!