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Friday, February 19, 2016

O is for Other Hong Kong Horses

Mentioned the other night in the old show-photo's post, these are about 15mm for gaming purposes, and were issued in Christmas Crackers here (UK), but probably also in gum-ball machines here or elsewhere.

Britains Swoppet poses, there seem only to be the six (three each; Cowboys & Indians) and like the Lone Star cracker toys, seem to come in every colour under the sun, but in one's, or the occasional two or three! Also like the L*S figures, they are single mouldings of rider and horse together. There were a couple of other colours in the shot the other day I think, which at 7 figures was likely someone else's amassing!

This (bottom right-hand shot) is four-years worth, with my original sample in the upper scan (and a 1IW shot to the left?), they did grow somewhat - as a sample - between the photo's being taken and them going into storage, so we'll look at them again one day when they are all together and get-at-able!

These are also a tad removed from the run-of-the-mill Hong Kong hollow-horses, in that the horses are solid, but otherwise there's not much in it, the foot figures are standard fare, and the riders likewise: common HK post-Giant poses, with the leg-plugs.

Given away with breakfast cereal, they were also available in the US (maybe first?) so it will probably be one of the less popular brands over here like Force or Grape-nuts?

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