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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

R is for Rollin', Rollin', Rolling, Keep them Wagons Rolling!

I - as those of you who have been following from the start will know - have a soft spot for wagons, especially small scale ones, but most of them are in storage, and most of them were blogged a while ago, but it doesn't stop me setting them up and photographing them from time to time!

So for those who are new followers, or who like me just enjoy wagons, here's a round-up of the Montaplex and early BüM wagons, most of which have appeared once already, but brought together.

Some have separate horses with a distinctive look that sets them apart from all the Giant, Giant-clones and post/non-Giant horses, but most have an integral horse in the manner of Manurba's, but fatter! The wheels are also very easy to recognise with their four-spoke, circus-wagon look and ornate tooling.

So far I've found a covered-wagon, stage-coach and copy of the Matchbox fire-appliance, crewed by astronauts! There is another design, a sort of pick-up truck/trailer thing in one of the Wild West town sets, but it's in storage and looks a bit crap anyway!

A line-up doesn't work properly when you find a yellow (BüM ) one after you've put the others away! Hay Ho...doh! Thanks to Peter Evans for the fire wagon.


Jan Ferris said...

It is amazing the verity of colors that were used to produce plastic bits.

Hugh Walter said...

Wait 'till I do the Hong Kong horses and Cowboys & Indians page! It's a rainbow exploding in a paint factory!