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Monday, February 15, 2016

S is for Small Soldiers

As Galoob faltered and Hasbro hung around waiting to pounce, other toy companies had a punt with mirco-play sets, with limited success it must be said, Bluebird here in the UK did a Batman range, Playmates had a go and Mattel seem to have talked to Galoob at one point, while Kenner tried their had with a movie tie-in...Small Soldiers, itself a Toy Story clone!

What can I say? One vehicle to Galoob's three or more, two figures where Galoob whould have had half a dozen (if they went with one vehicle), it's a not very appertising toy for a not very successful movie...it didn't last long!

The figures seem to appear in different versions, so the initial production-run must have been quite big (look what that did to DK over the 4th Star Wars film!) and can be found with no base, a flat base or a lipped, marked base and decorated with various paint jobs.

Box Ticked!

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