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Thursday, February 18, 2016

S is for Space...Cannons and Trains

From the plastic colours these are believed by some to be almost certainly Ajax or Archer, but could just as easily be Lido or Plasticraft, for now though - hobby wide - they remain unknown! I actually favour Plasticraft...the pastel metallic mauve and that pale minty-blue gun?

Small dime-store cards of micro-toys, being a futuristic train (which hasn't happened yet!) and a set of heavy weapons...bargain!

Similar aerodynamic trains were in service, back in the fifties, with a steam-loco under the fairing, I love how the fairings give-away the prescence of standard twin-bogies underneath!

But we're still waiting for ray-guns, disintegration-rifles, sonic-destroyers, immobilisation-sprayers, phasers and just about everything else that was predicted back in the days of real 'pulp' fiction. We do have a range of much smaller, small-arms rounds, with no real stopping power?

"But the ambulances...think of the ambulances they'll need!" Yeah...those Talib's; they really choked-up the Hindu Kush with convoys of para-medical, paraphernalia...didn't they? And that Putin fellow...he starts shaking and orders more military medical facilities every-time someone says "NATO" on the radio! Although he is offering a 5.56 export model of his 7.62 squaddie-killer!

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