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Thursday, February 18, 2016

S is for Spacemen...by Comansi; Ovni and Thunderbirds

We've looked at these Spanish Comansi figures before, both the Thunderbirds and the Ovni (UFO) figures, but new colours and new poses guarentees a return visit!

Bagged set of rubber-horrors like mine, as I think I said last time: In this form they are common, box-fulls turn-up at Sandown Park regularly, so don't pay over the odds BIN prices for them on evilBay! As polyethylene figures (lefthand lot) they are a tad less common, but only a tad!

[I now can't find them in the tag list, so maybe I never posted them? A return there then at some point, although mine might be the same pink/yellow ones? I seem to remember telling you all about their deformation in rubber, but sometimes I'm just 'writing' an article in my head as I handle figures which I then forget to photograph!?]

A much better sample of the Ovni figures than we looked at last time, again earlier ethylene, I haven't discovered yet how many poses there are, but it's probably a few more than shown here?

Close-ups of the base marks, I don't know if the numbers are in-house stock codes, or wacky 'futurist' dates, and if the later, why the difference? The painted originals are the rarer, box ticked.


Francis Lee said...

Nice figures, would paint up well!

Hugh Walter said...

Most of these would Fran, but the rubber (soft PVC) ones I thought I'd blogged but hadn't (also in the bag above) would be a nightmare to paint...and keep painted! It's hard enough to get some of them to stay standing-up! Thinks...which is probably why there's often so many of them at Sandown!