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Thursday, February 11, 2016

T is for Tiger

Another character, but this time from commerce, the Esso tiger 'in your tank', was almost indistinguishable from the Kellogg's 'Tony' of the same era (early-1960's to the late-1970's) and with both having various toys/premiums issued and then pirated by HK for gum-ball machines, it's fortunate this one is carrying an Esso board so we know who he is!

Key-chain, hand-painted, hard-plastic, probably Hong Kong, given away with petrol; that's it!


Jan Ferris said...

Ah! Your Esso tiger brings back memories. Before heading to the mountains with a car load of boy scouts my dad would stop at the local Esso station to fill the tank.

Hugh Walter said...

Glad it hit the nostalgia button Jan...there are a few on FeeBay most days, so pick one up?