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Thursday, March 31, 2016

D is for Dragon

Another b'day prezzie...how cool is this? Classic Chinese dragon without wings, but with all the distinctive beard, ear, mane and eyebrow hairs, an additional line of tufts down it's back which are usually just small bumps (on the ceramic versions of these dragons), and a fine tail.

Colours suggest bottles of Quink or Parker's fountain-pen fluid, the same colours were used by the Africans for their soapstone and softwood tourist stuff (along with black and oxblood Kiwi boot-polish), and I'm sure there are - or once were - shelves and shelves of these in some touristy area of Shanghai, Hong Kong or Beijing, but it's the first I've seen.

Difficult to photograph as it's over 18-inches and it really gets its colours from eating Giant Huns or Mongols! Braver men than me...and it's basically made from wetted string! Too cool...Too cool for fucking school; that's how cool!


Jan Ferris said...

That bloody dragon will make fast work of those toy soldiers, I would think. Bloody commanders should have known better to send all those boys to their death like that.

Hugh Walter said...

It is a bloody shocking waste of human resources, Jan - matched only by the hell of working in a direct-dial, cold-call tele-sales centre!