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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

F is for French Figures IV - Starlux 54mm

So to the fourth in this overdue set, we've looked at Starlux before on the blog, including some of these figures in comparison with the small-scale ones, and these are the WWII/Modern ones so not much to be said about them! Early figures are a cellulose acetate, by the end they were polystyrene.

The earlier ones with the smaller, ovoid bases tend to be worth a little more than the later chamfered-edge, oblong and lozenge-based ones. In the case of the helmeted troops they are a little smaller than later sets at around the 50-54mm mark, with the younger/newer versions in the 54-60mm bracket.

French Foreign Legion in Kepis and a sailor with two paratroopers. Colour variations in the plastic used are obvious with the para's and a little subtler with the mine-detector.

Base markings can be set in a lozenge, oblong or a cartouche-like thing, they can be randomly repeated over the under-surface in relief like mad wallpaper, double-stamped, multiple-stamped, on top of the base or found on the edge of the base...sometimes there's no marking at all.

Late additions (a while ago now!) from Sam at Sam's Minis, two are broken, but interesting poses which I will one day fix-up with Milliput and re-paint.

Already on the blog (mostly small scale);

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