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Thursday, April 28, 2016

F is for Fungus AmungUs

I picked these up in a newsagent the other day, they were a couple of quid! I don't know if they are new, current (likely) or clearance, and I don't really care, as they are made of that awful soft, cold, sticky synthetic rubber that window-walker toys are made of...the stuff that's carried a 'caution - will damage paint' warning, since the first capsule toys of the 1960's were made out of it - you may remember we looked at a tiny lizard in the novelty posts running up to the Christmas just passed.

Four figures with one hidden, designed purely for collectability and priced for pester-power purchase, there are few redeeming features to these, or the concept behind them, but...samples in the archive (haven't decided on storage procedures, I know they weep over time!) and box ticked.

Flyer - It illustrates 35 then talks of 70 specials, then shows two colour variations of the hidden figure in the accompanying set? I think it means there are 'radioactive' (read "Glow in the dark") versions of each of the 35 designs.

What? A hand, in dungarees? With a face? Doing the OK sign? What else were you expecting here!

Vintage Key-ring (and pencil-top) and because it has age and is made of a dense vinyl I - hypocritically - quite like it, in a nostalgia for the 1970's and my lost youth, sort of way...maybe, one day, people will view the Fungii-Among-Thy with the same eye!

Thinks...maybe I can re-use some Kinder capsules...then I won't have to see them...


Jan Ferris said...

It is the first of case of fungus among us that is cute. Nice find

Hugh Walter said...

No Jan...horrid, clammy, sticky, cold, dead find! If they were ethylene or PVC I'd love them with open arms, but these are like refridgerated marsh-mallows...but slimy'ier...:-)