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Thursday, April 28, 2016

S is for Super Hero!

As well as the ongoing Operation Dynamo thing, Brian Berke also sent me a small parcel, some will be hidden until 'Talk Like a Pirate Day' (which I'll probably then forget again), but among the figures were these...

...how loveable are they? They are not really sized to match most toy soldiers, nor do they look like the traditional Marvel/DC type of all-singing, all-dancing (nowadays; all-a-bit-dark and all-a-bit flawed), spandex-enhanced, muscle-bound, super-heroes, but rather the comedy-wrestlers you get on TV, although one is paying homage to the Bat Man with his eared-hood and another looks like that Data chap from one of the Star Trek spin-offs with a tech-device across his eyes.

Digressing slightly re-Star Trek: I'm a 1st Series fan really - Sir, they've killed ensign red-shirt!...Illogically Jim, you've fallen in love with an alien for the fifth episode in a row...Tribbles!...Scottie; if The Captain starts singing talking-over Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds, kill him dead.

I am the Bat Man!

They are - however - perfectly sized (and sculpted) to do battle with the Bandai/Mattel M.U.S.C.L.E. (Millions of Unusual Small Creatures Lurking Everywhere) figures and the Kellogg's/Matchbox/MEG (Morrison Entertainment Group) Wrestler in my Pocket (WIMP)'s, along with all the similar sets, follow-ons and vending clones. There are also a set of Ninjas from the same company.


20 figures from Toysmith, and at a dollar the lot, or 20¢ per figure (around 70p in total?) a bargain! Toysmith are the company behind the current re-issue (copy?) of the 3 original Kellogg's diver figures as well as knights, skeletal warriors (seemingly the same as Toy Major's 'Tomb Warriors'), the aforementioned Pirates and a bubble-carded paratrooper with large fabric 'chute which looks like the old British one we looked at a while ago.


If these are your thing - and while they're not really mine I'm glad I've got some 'in the fold' (thank you Brian!) - you will need to get several bags so you end up with one of each colour in each pose...hey, believe me: that will be all-important stuff to someone in 25-years time!

05-05-16 - Brian himself has sent this in to prove how wrong I am about the Wrestler Vs. Marvel-DC thing...having painted his up to take command of various vehicles in the persuit of good, righting wrongs and general mayhem...brilliant! The Superman and Bizarro Superman are having apparent mechanical problems with an Austin FX4 London-taxi.



Inspiration came from the Third Episode of Monty Python

Bicycle Repair Man - Written by Michael Palin & Terry Jones:[6] In a town full of people dressed as Superman a man has the secret identity of "Bicycle Repair Man" with the impressive superpower of being able to repair a bicycle with his own hands.

Here Superheroes have no such luck.

Hugh Walter said...

There is something midly heroic about mending your own transport by the side of the road andf then toddling off on it!