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Monday, April 18, 2016

U is for Unknown...Unknowns!

These are all pretty well totally unknown, but currently reside in the 'might be Blue Box' section of the unknown Hong Kong box. Not that they necessarily are Blue Box (although one of them is!), just that they are all marked Hong Kong, all hard plastic (except one!) and all stab-and-hope painted in the 1970's HK style....except one.

Airfix Roman for scale.

Top row; These intrigue, around 30mm, I used to think they were designed to run down a commando-wire type arrangement, then I wondered if they were Hippies dancing round a musical box or something, now I suspect they are meant to be picked up by the hook of a crane, fire-appliance or rescue helicopter? The large bases are clearly designed for stability, but the sculpting - such as it - of the garb suggests rural or biblical types, or at a push: theatrical types...anyone got any ideas?
Bottom row - left to right; Well decorated but made out of that cheap 'blank granule' type plastic, this may be Brer Fox, Frere Fox, Fantastic Mr. Fox or some other fox, he might even be a smartly dressed version of Marx's Foulfellow character, and is the painting exception, being airbrushed/sprayed. I suspect he's a Wedding Cake decoration?
The little deer, one hard styrene, the other smaller and soft plastic, both similar to the Marx deer from the Jungle Miniature Masterpiece sets, but as if crossed with the same companies Bambi, the fact that there are two versions is also a Marx trick so it may well be.
The Policeman is from Blue Box, he came with some of the larger civil airport and town play sets.
Finally the rocking horse is the sort of thing you would later get in Polly Pocket sets, but in an earlier brittle styrene plastic and probably a Dolls House accessory, but who's dolls house? Annoyingly, I have seen it somewhere but failed to take a note...or lost the note! Marx did a similar - but more angular - one.


Jan Ferris said...

With the exception of the archer, all could be said to be dancing. Dancing to the beat of there own drum, perhaps.

Hugh Walter said...

Do you think Jan...a mad, crazy, polymer discoteque!

"Nutbush.....they call it nutbush city..."


Anonymous said...

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Jan Ferris said...

Looks like we have company. It made the same post on my blog. Like your idea of a polymer discoteque! Could London or New York use another discoteque? It would definitely be unique. We could serve thinned out polymer with victory gin.