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Saturday, May 7, 2016

OD is for Operation Dynamo

Olive Drab and 'Orrible Disaster...I finally got the images from Brian sorted out/downloaded as .jpg's and without further ado present them here for your enjoyment. No 'blurb' as such, the scene depicts the small boats or 'little ships' [ships carry boats, boats can't carry ships...apparently, but...little ships carry the strength of a nation] returning from Dunkirk to the London docks of the East End, and benefits from several viewings, with new little things showing themselves each time!

I like that some units have clearly been rescued in good order and with little trouble, ready to march away for a hot meal at Greenwich Arsenal, while others are looking very shot-up as they await the fleet of ambulances - no doubt hurrying toward them - just out of frame!

Notice also how the diorama can be plugged-in to a larger model railway layout. Brians words...

 "The loco was a clockwork Hornby Percy. Truncated it is on a motor bogie now..."

 "...built in 2010 showing troops returning to the UK from Dunkirk"

"My grandparents were in London's East End through WW2 and visiting my grandmother in the 50's Dad would take me past the Tower of London and we would watch the tugs and sailing barges go by."

 "...some of the infantry are wearing later helmets and equipment. I was going for the chaos ..."

"Rivet counters [might] complain... ...that the landing craft were sunk on their supply ship while on the way to France..."

 "...and [I] wanted to show off the sailing barge which is a childhood image from days watching them below the Pool of London."

 "...the MTB is a later version (I left off the rear torpedo tubes)..."

Some of the .png's, they won't open well, but give an idea of the overall effect...

Thanks again to Brian Berke for sending these to the Blog, all the way from New York! And I bet the odd landing craft was pootling around the lower reaches of Old Father Thames!


Al said...

very cool post!

peter said...

Wonderfull diorama with a lot going on! Thanks for sharing!


Jan Ferris said...

Very realistic looking diorama.

Hugh Walter said...

Thanks Guys...all [not] my own work!! Thanks to Brian for sending them in...twice!