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Saturday, June 4, 2016

12 is for Lizards

Twelve of them, there are, Lizards, in a pack, that's twelve lizards - for a pound!

You see; I kid you not; it's twelve lizards in a pack, which clearly states "Pack of 12 Lizards", in The Works now, for a pound, that's less than 10p each - per 12th lizard*. They're cheaper than bites of a Mars Bar!

Joking apart, these aren't the crummy rubber approximations of a Dimetrodon without the sail you used to get stuffed in a capsule 20 or 30 years ago, these are well sculpted, well detailed, well made animals with a decent (if formulaic) paint job. Numbered 1-12 (top left to bottom right) there's definitely twelve of them!

I don't know if they are realistic paint jobs, or imaginary species? They also have relatively blank bellies, AND (while not being an expert in these things) some of them look like geckos (reptiles) and salamanders (amphibians) which would mean it's actually "Pack of 12 Geckos, Lizards and Salamanders", but I do know if Britains were still making their animals, they couldn't compete with this stuff - which is why they aren't!

But you have to ask how long Schleich and Papo can keep charging 4, 5, 6.99 for individual animals smaller than these (their puppies, cats and poultry for instance), when you can get twelve for a pound, even the capsule puppies start to look dear at a pound each.

If you're an animal collector; look out for them now, probably in other packagings elsewhere in the world.

*8.3-recurring pence per Lizard (about 12¢)

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