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Saturday, June 11, 2016

911 is for Call the Emergency Services!

If you live the other side of the pond that is . . . I remember thinking as a kid that they must be saying '911' in the movies and TV dramas because they aren't allowed to use the 'actual' 999!

Brain sent these a while ago, well it seems like a while ago as it's been a busy time recently, but they arrived a month ago this Friday! Of interest is that they are the basis of the smaller ones we looked at here a couple of years ago ['can't find the link...obviously haven't tagged it properly!].

Six Jaru police in blue and six other emergency personnel, mostly firemen (or firefighters!) in a mix of red and white, but with the same three poses in each colour. Did other sets have those two reversed?

I asked Brian for a shot of the pack for my records this week, but it was good enough to use on the Blog! Also comparisons with the cheepo-copies I found, the police being the inside pair, the fire crew the outside pair. You can see the clones are a bit smaller, and the teeny pistol's ancestor is revealed to be another teeny-pistol! It's like he's pointing his finger . . . "Halt! Or I poke you in the eye perp!"

The lower shot is a comparison with the Fishel figures; they're modelled on a later (more modern) era, with 'Fritz' helmets, something equating to a Heckler-Koch MP-something-or-other and body armour, also they are a better sized 54mm. The upper shot is another comparison between the Jaru in the middle and the clone to the right with a painted vinyl original to the left, which may be modern, or may date from the 1980's and could be via Jaru (they've been around long enough), or some other rack-toy jobber?

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