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Friday, June 24, 2016

B is for the Board-game Batmen!

Mattel issued two board-games with batmen, namely: Gotham City Mystery with Batmen and Robin, two main bad-guy characters and a 'bunch-of-five' baddies, and Shadow Assault (a 'Batman Begins' tie-in from 2005) with four Batmen and a herd of ninja baddies!

It is from that latter set that these three are probably taken, I say probably as there were several versions it seems, and not all of them had the same four poses. There seem to have been three with this type of base (red, orange and yellow) and another with a different base. The Ninja bad-guys are all the same pose and in unpainted transparent PVC.

The Upper Halesworthington Synchronised BDT (Bat-flying Display Team) totally mess-up their compulsory flaming-swoosh with triple-salchow fly-past, right under the judges noses; spacing is all over the place, yellow-leader has not turned-out early enough and green has stopped smiling his very expensive, snow-white, Harley Street dentistry. . . awful performance!

I'm missing the blue one, presumably kept by the owner as the most realistic of the four, originally included in the Spears Games game of Batman Swoops Down, from 1966. Thanks to . . . I'm not sure, they came from the PW31 show, but whether they were a table-purchase or in one of the brought-by-mates lots I'm not certain, so thanks to Trevor, Graham, Adrian or Gareth anyway!

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