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Friday, June 3, 2016

I is for Is it a rabbit? Is it a train? No! It's 'Super Tank'!

"Ladies and Gentlemen! May I present for your delectation, for your appreciation, for your admiration, for your fascination . . .

. . . The one, The only, The Kelo 'Super Tank', this tank Ladies and Gentlemen comes with the very latest in gyro-movement, it boasts 7 road wheels on each side - ignore the publicity material; the artist's been sacked - and the all important three little ones. It comes with reversed, rear, mirror-inverted, near-horizontal, torsion bars, triple-laid, kinetic, shock-plast armour AND - Ladies and Gentlemen - an eccentric wheel! The Peeyow-peeyow gun is second to none and the hidden co-axial is well hidden! The Kelo 'Super Tank' will meet the needs of generalissimos, dictators, interplanetary Merciless Mingers, despots and alien battle-fleet commanders everywhere . . . cash, cheques or bankers drafts drawn on Panamanian accounts preferred, no kryptonite! Please form an orderly queue, my colleague Barry will take your orders, free key-ring of Bugs Bunny in a Super Tank with every 10 vehicles ordered, terms and conditions apply..."

[Thinks...] Blimey . . . I want one of those; they sound, err, super . . . oh? I've got one? YES!
Read it and weep, peeps! Any nonsense out of you and I'll be round your gaff to dispense my kind of justice with the Kelo Super Tank, that wot I jus' got, init!

Forerunner of the Kinder mechanism! This is a difficult one, as my favorite AFV has been - for the longest time - the Dibro space tank, now this has turned-up and it's got a working turret and everything . . . Hasta manyana Gibro, hello Kelo! They both beat the Panzer IV running-gear-equipped LP efforts, hands down!

Pictured with contemporary figures for the 1950's (Tiny Trojan khaki infantry, lower image) and the 1960's (post-Giant spacemen, upper shot), Kelo (or Ke-Lo) ((Keith Lowe of Dudley in the West Midlands) were a small company with big ideas who sunk with little trace, they were - by the end - owners of the intellectual and some actual property of A. Wells and former Bing collaborator's Brimtoy, (Wells-Brimtoy) and I'm hoping to get more details from the expert - Chris - in a while, I think we had a Kelo rocking horse when we were kids.

[New] Best Space Tank Ever!

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