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Monday, June 27, 2016

I is for Itty Bitty Batman

Micro DC today, this comes from Kenner and is clearly 'after' Galoob's mini play sets, but by the time this set was issued they had actually bought Galoob.

The box-art was a darn-sight more exciting than the contents, in my opinion, but to be fair to Kenner, the back-side of the box and the display-window, gave you plenty of time to work that out for yourself, and let's face it, a kids sense of imagination is a darn-sight more active than this cynical adult's!

That other side; showing most of the elements of a Star Wars 'head' play set, with fold-out panels and a couple of figures along with a larger plug-in accessory.

The widow (also carried over from the Galoob sets) showing the little pieces that make it a 'playset' and not just 'a set'! It's lucky the Man Bat has that Bat-schtick thing going on; 'cos in a straight fist-fight he'd surly lose, that Freezer-dude's huge!

Galoob had bought the licence before they went tits-up, and there are a couple of other Batsets (Batsee what I Batdid there!) shown on the back of the baseball quartet we'll look at another day. If anyone has that Harley Davidson set on the right going spare, I'd happily swap it for the baseball players. They - Galoob - also had a stab at Marvel with some Spidey-sets!

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