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Thursday, June 9, 2016

L is for Lounging Lizards or Lizard's Lounge

I feel a bit of a theme developing, there was the bronze one awhile aback which was itself triggered by a nice rubber one on another Blog (Jan's?), the pack of 12 the other day, and now these sent in by Brain Berke yesterday.

Current rack-toys from across the pond, they come in two sizes of which these are the smaller set. Two poses, three of each but given six separate colour-ways.

The larger ones come four to a pack, and they are four different sculpts, and like the mini-ones the other day seem to be well detailed and anatomically correct, although the paint-jobs are, I suspect, a bit, err, over-zealous?

Brian found a second set with four more colour variations. I know nothing about MTC, except to assume the TC is 'Toy Company' and that's it's a modern US jobber, rather than either of the MTC's I was confused by the other day...or is it?!

Have you any Lizards, old or new to share with us?

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