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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

O is for Old School

If this was the 1970's, seeing these in a specific [American] store's packaging would be the signal to go out and try to find your local unbranded generic card from the same factory! Sadly, these days the contracts between the Asian producers and the Western retailers are much tighter, and if you haven't got a Five Below down the road you will not have such an option . . . or will you?*

The Bat Man!

Many thanks again due to Brian Berke for these shots, he went out last week in the good weather (peeing-down all week - this side of the pond!)** looking in the discount-stores round Queens in New York and found these.

What is so cool about them is that they aren't the new 'dark' knight characters, or any of the incrementally darker knights of the string of barely connected movies since the 1990's, but rather the old TV serial, even the faces are reasonable renditions of the original characters!

Robin the Boy Wonder!

And - in the light of recent posts here - they are bendy toys, but full-bodied, anatomically correct (ignoring the Boy Wonder's elbows!), bendy-toys; these are too cool for school . . . one of the bigger boys would nick them! If you live near a Five Below get down there and forget the whole Trump-Clinton future shocks by losing yourself in these for a few hours . . . that's a suggestion not an order .
. . Biff! Pow! Thwack!

Has it ever stuck you that the old school Boy Wonder also looks a bit like a camp Robin Hood! "Holy Hot-Pants Batman!" said Robin the Boy-Wonder Hood!

Back of Batcard!

*While they seem to be made exclusively for Five Below, the other change from the '70's is - of course - evilBay, and it's only a matter of days before some of the bottom-feeders on there have these listed with a silly BIN mark-up! There's probably also an online portal for Five Below, but whether they will ship overseas remains to be seen, however I think I'll be looking!

** Oak before Ash - you're in for a splash, Ash before Oak - you're in for a soak, thunderstorms in 'flaming' June - Wimbledon's coming very soon!

There now follows a minor DC 'Super Hero season' on the Blog as I use these as an excuse to clear some stuff out of Picasa! I love these - Thanks Brian.

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