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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

R is for Res Plastics to the Rescue

Picked these up at the London show from a mate who's a DC fan, these were only his spares and talking to Paul Morehead (PW's Ed.) on Monday he thinks there are 12-16 in the set.

Originally manufactured by Res Plastics (RP) of Italy, the moulds should be with Red Scorpio (DSG) of Argentina and I'll try to find a link and put it below when I go up the Library to publish this! The originals were a soft polyethylene - we looked at the Superman and Batmen in a Kinder post here - while these are in a tinier, more rigid plastic, but not a brittle styrene.

Red Scorpio seems to have them (painted?) but the links are dead here (and PC-crashingly dead at that...he says - ten frozen-screen minutes later), maybe you'll have better luck?


Stad said...

You have the following figures Aquaman. The Flash, Hawkman, Joker, Shazam (Captain Marvel). do not recognize and Catwoman. Marvel owns the rights to the name Captain Marvel so DC has to call him Shazam.

Hugh Walter said...

Cheers Stad...glad someone knew...I can just about tell Batman from Superman!