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Saturday, July 2, 2016

B is for Bargain Basement Buys

This lot cost me less than four quid this week, and the two robots were a quid each!

From The Works, a favourite check-out for me, came these two novelty ball-point pens, the pen-tubes are so short they probably won't do 15 crosswords, but the retro robots are brilliant! Red plastic - bugger to shoot . . . photographically!

£1 each ". . . while stocks last", and I had a spare pair of legs kicking around in gold from some mixed lot that came in, so they must have been available elsewhere in the past, and will probably appear somewhere else in the future, but expect them to be four-quid in Paperchase or £3 in WHSmith, if they ever turn-up there!

Speaking of WHSmith and their pricing policy...all the above (and below) are currently 29 or 30p in that august body, reduced from their marked 99p, £1 or two-quid. Bear in mind Wilkinson's regularly sell this stuff for 30p or 50p which will be closer to true unit-cost plus profit margin.

Fashion Rabbit pencil-tops and micro Digger Eraser rubbers! They're all made of this new crumbly hybrid rubber with the powdery or sandy texture, so they won't last long in the hands of kids; I can see those ears coming-off first day back after the 'hols'!

How cool is this? Sort of Anime, Manzinger, Grandizer, Probot, Go-Bot, no-bot, whatever-bot . . . smyne now! It looks angry, but if you were painted mauve, given candy-pink helmet & gloves and reduced to less than a sixth of you original 'value': you'd be pissed-off.

Stop Press - on the way to the Library to post this I went back for a black robot, and found a boardgame with 44 figures for a tenner...photo's tonight, should be on the blog 'tomorrow', which as this is a scheduled-post could mean anything!


Jan Ferris said...

nice finds!

Hugh Walter said...

Cheers jan...of course I only buy them for the Blog, I wouldn't, I mean, I don't, err, I mean...is that what people think?...Shocking!