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Sunday, July 31, 2016

D is for Die-Cast Machine Men

A bit of a box ticker here too, but equally a bit special, much sought-after, a bit pricey when they do turn-up, yet hard to find, so I only have three different torsos and four legs, I think it should be six and six in a complete set, not sure if they did mounted versions?

Lone Star's take on swoppet knights, and clearly influenced by Britains own, being better animated than either the Crescent or Timpo efforts and far superior to Cherilea's offerings (either type). I'm pretty sure I have a spare shield somewhere, so the other chap should get protection in the fullness of time!


Brian Carrick said...

Hi Hugh, there are six foot and four mounted, the other three are attacking with mace, kneeling crossbowman and standing archer. The figures with mace, axe,sword and lance also came mounted.

Hugh Walter said...

Cheers Brian . . . I don't think I've ever seen them mounted!